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Sabtu, 04 Desember 2010

Doraemon (ドラえもん?)
SeiyūKōsei TomitaMasako Nozawa (1973), Nobuyo Ōyama (1979~March 2005), Wasabi Mizuta (April 2005~)
Seiyū (Golden)Kazue TakahashiChisa Yokoyama
Born3 September 2112 (age -102)
Height129.3 cm
Weight129.3 kg
RelativesDorami (sister)
Doraemon, (born on 3 September 2112) the main protagonist of the series, is the titular robotic cat sent back in time by Sewashi to aid Nobita. He possesses a fourth-dimensional pocket from which he can acquire various kinds of futuristic tools, gadgets, and playthings from a future department store. Doraemon originally had ears but they were bitten off by a robotic mouse in the 22nd century. As a result, he developed a morbid fear of mice despite being a robotic cat. He also has the tendency to panic during emergencies, characterized by him frantically trying to pull out a very much-needed tool from his pocket, only to produce a huge assortment of unrelated household items. Still, Doraemon is very friendly and intelligent, not to mention long-suffering because of Nobita's antics.
Doraemon's physical appearance changed as the manga progressed. At first, he was predominantly blue, with a blue tail, a white stomach, and flesh-coloured hands and feet. He also stooped, and had a body much larger than his head. In later issues, he sported a smaller body, white hands and feet, and a red tail--the appearance most identify him with today.
In "The Doraemons" story arc (and the 2112: The Birth of Doraemon short film), it is revealed that Doraemon's original paint color was yellow. After getting his ears gnawed off by a robot mouse, he slipped into depression on top of a tower, where he drank a potion labeled "sadness". As he wept, the yellow color washed off and his voice changed due to the potion.
Doraemon weighs 129.3 kg (285 lbs) and measures at 129.3 cm (4'3") tall. He is able to run at 129.3 km/h (80.3 mph) when scared and jump 129.3 cm (4.242 ft) when threatened. His maximum power is 129.3 bhp. His waist, head, and chest circumference are all 129.3 cm. His feet is 129.3 mm in diameter. He is manufactured on September 3, 2112 (12/9/3), at the Matsushiba Robot Factory (マツシバロボット工場?). Doraemon is considered a substandard product because many of his robotic features (ie. radar whiskers and cat-calling bell) malfunctioned after production. One can turn off Doraemon by pulling his balloon tail.
Due to this malfunction, Doraemon did poorly at the robot's school and during the final presentation show, he performed badly and nobody wanted to hire him, until baby Sewaishi pushed the button. His parents were a bit reluctant, but since Sewashi liked him, they hired Doraemon, and he took care of him until Sewaishi himself send him to the past to take care of Nobita (2112: The Birth of Doraemon).
Doraemon's favourite food is dorayaki (どら焼き?), a Japanese treat filled with red bean paste. Speculations led to dorayaki being the origin of his name. However, it was revealed in one of the manga chapters that his name originates from the Japanese word nora neko (のら猫?) for "stray cat", and the -emon (衛門?) ending which is part of traditional Japanese names, as seen also in, for example, Ishikawa Goemon.[1][2][3] In the 2007 birthday episode, 'MS-903' is called Doraemon by the factory owner where Doraemon is produced.
Doraemon usually uses the phrase "nanoda".
Nobita Nobi (野比 のび太 Nobi Nobita?)
SeiyūYoshiko Ōta (1973), Noriko Ohara (1979~March 2005), Hiroko Maruyama (Stand-in for Ohara), Megumi Ōhara (April 2005~)
Seiyū (Teenage)Makiko Ōmoto (2000), Mai Kadowaki (2005)
Seiyū (Adult)Kōzō Shioya (1984), Shingo Hiromori (1987~1990), Noriko Ohara (2000~2004), Tōru Ōkawa (2005), Hideyuki Hori (2006)
Nobita Nobi
Born7 August 1964 (age 46)
Japan Nerima, TokyoJapan
Parents野比のび助, born on 4 November 1940(age 70)
Nobita (born on 7 August 1964), is one of the main characters of the series and the center of the story. He is a fourth grader[4] in Tokyo's Nerima Ward and an only child. He wears glasses, a red or yellow polo shirt with a white collar, and blue shorts. Nobita's character flaws are endless: he is lazy, uncoordinated, dim-witted, frail, plain-looking, unlucky, and bad at sports. Nobita's typical day consists of arriving late on classes, scoring zeros in his tests, getting lectured by his teacher, being bullied by his classmates Gian and Suneo, falling into curbside rain gutters, being chased by dogs, and getting scolded by his mom for his sloth and poor academic results.
Despite his flaws, Nobita possesses some unique talents such as his unrivaled marksmanship and ability to weave intricate string figures. Although Nobita is usually portrayed as being cowardly, he has often risked his life to help save others or even entire civilizations (as seen in full-length stories). Nobita is lazy and unmotivated, but he can be very serious and responsible at times. Nobita also has a talent for finding unusual applications for Doraemon's gadgets, and to abuse them, which usually gets him into trouble.
Despite everything, Doraemon succeeds on his mission, as seen in several episodes in which they travel to the future and the short Nobita's the Night before a Wedding. Nobita eventually marries Shizuka and has a son who, in a generational role reversal, bullies Gian's son. In Doraemon Plus Nobita is a fifth-grader. in some of unofficial ending. it is shown that Nobita becomes Expert in robotics to fix Doraemon. this event becomes single most important event in human history. so important that time police prohibits anyone from future to go into this time.
Shizuka Minamoto (源 静香 Minamoto Shizuka?)
SeiyūMasako Ebisu (1973), Michiko Nomura (1979~March 2005), Yumi Kakazu (2005~)
Seiyū (Teenage)Rei Sakuma (2000)
Shizuka (born on 2 December 1964), usually called Shizu-chan (静ちゃん?) or Shizuka-chan (静香ちゃん?), is the smart, kind, and pretty neighborhood girl who is the object of Nobita's affections. She takes baths several times a day. Nobita often disrupts her in the bath due to some misuse of Doraemon's gadgets, resulting in Nobita's head getting dunked. She is also known for taking piano lessons unwillingly, which is sometimes used as an excuse for declining to hang out with Nobita. Her true passions are sweet potatoes, which she'd rather keep to herself out of the knowledge of others, and the violin, in which her playing is as atrocious as Gian's singing. Due to Doraemon's intervention, Shizuka will become Nobita's wife in the future timeline, and the mother of his son.
Takeshi Goda (剛田 武 Gōda Takeshi?)
SeiyūKaneta Kimotsuki (1973), Kazuya Tatekabe (1979~March 2005), Subaru Kimura (April 2005~)
Seiyū (Teenage)Kujira (2000)
Takeshi (born on 15 June 1964), usually known by the nickname "Gian" (ジャイアン Jaian?) from English word "giant", is the big, strong, and quick-tempered local bully. He is known for his confidence in his terrible singing voice, though he considers himself a great singer. But in some episodes when his voice is recorded and he hears it, denies it being his voice and threatens to beat up the person who sung his songs in a bad way. He regularly subjects the neighborhood children to horrendous singing recitals, which is sometimes combined with his equally bad homemade dinner and his atrocious fashion sense. He also frequently steals other children's toys and books under the pretext of "borrowing" them, unless the toy is damaged. This is how most fans considered Giant to be the antagonist of this show. However, he does not hesitate to help Nobita and his friends when they are in real trouble, which often occurs in the movies.
Several of the stories revolve around Nobita and his friends' efforts to avoid Giant's concerts, and several chapters summarize his friends efforts to avoid visiting Giant's house on his birthday because of his selfish nature. After reflecting on one event about his birthday, Giant thought of himself why he wasn't popular among his peers. After getting a lecture from Doraemon to see what an unruly character he is, Giant realize that he should have been a better person and he begs Doraemon to give him another chance. However, things didn't go exactly as planned when his friends at school or at the streets mock him to see how weird Giant was acting and get kicked by Suneo after learning his attempt to become gentle to his peers. This led him to lose control of his temper and start attacking his friends again.
Although he bullies the other children (mostly Nobita), he is terrified of his mother, who runs the local grocery store, a fact Nobita and Doraemon sometimes use in their favor. He founded his own baseball team named after himself. Although Nobita is often blamed for the losses against the baseball team's rival, the "Tyranos", Giant and Suneo still force Nobita to play because they do not have enough players.
Giant also has a younger sister named Jaiko.
Suneo Honekawa (骨川 スネ夫 Honekawa Suneo?)
SeiyūShun Yashiro (1973), Kaneta Kimotsuki (1979~March 2005), Naoki Tatsuta (Stand-in for Kimotsuki), Tomokazu Seki (April 2005~)
Seiyū (Teenage): Tomokazu Seki (2000)
Suneo (born on 29 February 1964), is the fox-faced (inherited from his mother) rich kid who loves to flaunt his material wealth before everyone. He is often seen with Gian, serving as Gian's lackey while they bully Nobita together, though deep down he fears and despises him as much as everyone else. Some of the stories start with Suneo showing off some new video game or toy which evokes Nobita's envy. He has an extensive knowledge of science, and is a talented artist and designer. He has the habit to invite Gian and Shizuka to something or someplace, but always leave Nobita out with one excuse or another.
In some scenes, Suneo is seen as a narcissist who loves to stare at himself in the mirror while telling himself that he is the most handsome guy in the world. He is still a bed-wetter and needs to wear diaperswhen he sleeps, despite being in the fourth grade. He considers this humiliating habit his secret weakness. Suneo is also very self-conscious about his height, being the shortest kid in his class.
His character somewhat resembles that of Reggie in The Archie Show
Hidetoshi Dekisugi (出木杉 英才 Dekisugi Hidetoshi?)
SeiyūSumiko Shirakawa (1980~March 2005), Shihoko Hagino (TV Asahi Announcer, May 2005~)
Seiyū (Adult)Shinya Ōtaki
Hidetoshi (born on April 1964), is Nobita's classmate and rival for Shizuka's affections. He always gets perfect scores on his tests, but never shows off his abilities. He willingly helps Nobita whenever he has philosophical or scientific questions. His name literally means "brilliant over-achiever", and his last name is a pun on dekisugiru, which means "over achieving". Unfortunately for Nobita, Shizuka tends to prefer the company of Hidetoshi, who is more of her intellectual equal, which leads to Nobita connoting bizarre schemes (helped by Doraemon's gadgets) to kept them apart.
Dorami (ドラミ?)
SeiyūKeiko Yokozawa (1979~March 2005), Chiaki (tarento) (September 2006~)
Dorami (born on 2 December 2114), also known as Dorami-chan, is the sister of Doraemon. She happens to be about 2 years younger than him. Strangely enough, they are siblings due to the fact that they shared half of the oil from a can. She lives in the 22nd-century Tokyo with Sewashi, Nobita's great-great-grandson. She is yellow and has ears that resemble a large red bow. She likes melonpan and is afraid ofcockroaches. She is also shown to be a more advanced robot than Doraemon (Dorami is able to produce 10,000 horse power, in comparison to Doraemon's 129.3). She sometimes visits Nobita with a time machine when Doraemon is "off-duty" or to help Doraemon with something. She also has her own spin-off manga.
Mini-Doras (ミニドラ[たち]?)
SeiyūChie Kitagawa (1990), Rei Sakuma (1994~March 2005), Tomato Akai (October 2005~)
Mini-Doras are actually gadgets of Doraemon. They are mini versions of Doraemon, each with a different color. They can think and feel for themselves, and communicate with Doraemon through the "Mini-Dora" language. They act as helpers for all sorts of tasks, such as repairing the internal mechanism of Doraemon.
Sensei (先生?)
SeiyūOsamu KatōMasashi Amenomori (1973), Ritsuo Sawa (1979), Osamu Katō→Unknown→Kazuhiko Inoue (~September 1981), Ryōichi Tanaka (October 1981~March 2005), Wataru Takagi (April 2005~)
Nobita's homeroom teacher. He is a strict taskmaster who often punishes Nobita for failing to do his homework, but always get fooled by Suneo's convincing acts of lying. The punishments range from standing in the hallway to sweeping the classroom after-school. He often pays unexpected visits to the Nobi’s in order to inform Mrs. Tamako about Nobita’s recent zeroes on exams. He also usually sees Nobita in streets and often scold him to study hard and for getting low scores during exams. His real name is unknown and he is only referred to as "Sensei", but in the NTV anime his name is given as Ganari (我成?).

Doraeon Gadgets with Doraemon Plus and Doraemon Together

These gadgets are used by Doraemon
1.Small light(スモールライト) helps to decrease the size of anything.2.Anywhere Door can take you anywhere.In Japenese it is called Dokodemo Door(どこでもドア)3.Bamboocopter helps you to fly, Also known as Takecopter.4.Combet Table Cloth( Combet表布) gives you the food you like to eat. It was first used when Doraemon and Nobita were in a Cherry Blossom Garden.5.Petrol Pairs help to communicate from one person to another.6.Where Were you at That Time helps to rewind objects and lock them back in thier places.

Nobi family

Nobisuke Nobi (Marvim Nobi) (野比 のび助 Nobi Nobisuke?)
SeiyūIchirō Murakoshi (1973), Masayuki Katō (1979~October 1992), Yōsuke Naka (October 1992~March 2005), Yasunori Matsumoto (April 2005~)
Seiyū (Young)Noriko Ohara (1979), Eiko Yamada (1984~1985), Noriko Ohara (1987), Yumiko Kobayashi (2005)
Nobita's father and laid-back salaryman. He is very considerate of Nobita, often seen arriving home from work to placate Tamako's anger towards Nobita; this habit may come from Nobisuke's own childhood, since his father (and Nobita's grandfather) was very similar to Tamako. He has trouble quitting smoking and is self-conscious about his inability to pass the driving test. He also has a poor memory, is a borderline alcoholic, and sometimes arrives home drunk from nightly business meetings. He was once an aspiring art student. He also likes golf, which most Japanese businessmen and employees play.
Tamako Nobi (Rukia Nobi) (野比 玉子 Nobi Tamako?)
SeiyūNoriko Ohara (1973), Sachiko Chijimatsu (1979~March 2005), Kotono Mitsuishi (April 2005~)
Seiyū (Young)Tomoko Kawakami
Nobita's stay-at-home mother. She can be very strict, is usually seen scolding Nobita or sending him out of the house (a typical Japanese household punishment used by parents, unlike grounding which is aWestern punishment). She actually loves her son very much, but is disappointed by his lazy attitude and academic failures. Several episodes involve Nobita trying to avoid his mother’s scolding by using Doraemon’s gadgets. Her maiden name is revealed to be 'Kataoka'. She has a tendency of stopping Nobita from going out to play and force him to study. However, on cold weather days, she almost always urges Nobita to go out and play. In a couple of episodes, Nobita sees her in the past. She is proved to be braver than Nobita but as clumsy as him.
Sewashi (セワシ?)
SeiyūKeiko Yamamoto (1973), Yoshiko Ōta (1980~March 2005), Sachi Matsumoto (August 2005)
Nobita's great-great-grandson, he is the one who sends Doraemon back to the past to look after Nobita. Sewashi first bought Doraemon in 2112 when Doraemon still had ears and his original factory paint. He sent him because his pocket money was not much due to the debts the family inherited from Nobita. Sewashi is also the owner of Doraemon's sister, Dorami.
Nobisuke (ノビスケ?)
SeiyūNoriko Ohara (1979~March 2005), Yoshiko Kamei (April 2005~)
Nobita and Shizuka's son, named after Nobita's father. He is a better athlete than Nobita and far more clever. In one of the stories, he did not hesitate to beat up young Nobita when young Nobita tried to stop him from running away from home. Also, he is shown as being a bully and brave enough to bully Gian and Suneo's sons.
Nobirou Nobi (野比のび郎 Nobi Nobirou?)
The older brother of Nobita's father Nobisuke. He is an excellent athlete and seems to be successful. He adores his brother very much, and is welcomed the most by his nephew in New year, because of the money he gives him on that date.
Tamao Kataoka (片岡玉夫 Kataoka Tamao?)
Tamako's younger brother and Nobita's uncle.
Nobita's Grand Mother
Mother of Nobisuke Nobi. Nobita adored her but she died when he was in kindergarten, before the main storyline. When Nobita travels to the past, she always recognizes him as her grandson even if he has grown up. She appeared in a few episodes.
Nobita's Grand Father
Nobita's Grand Father, he was very strict and very rude to Nobisuke (Nobita's father). After all he loved him very much. He seen only one time in this show where his all nature was identified clearly. His grandson only seen him when he travelled to the past.
Nobirou (のび朗 Nobirou?)
Nobihei (のび平 Nobirou?)

Minamoto family

Shizuka's Mother
SeiyūKeiko Yokozawa (1979~1981), Masako Matsubara (August 1981~March 2005), Ai Orikasa (April 2005~)
Shizuka's mother. She's kind, but can also be quite exigent on Shizuka sometimes.
Yoshio Minamoto (源義雄 Minamoto Yoshio?)
SeiyūMasayuki Katō (1979~1980), Masaru Ikeda (1981), Akira Kume (1999), Aruno Tahara (July 2005~)
Shizuka's Father. He is rarely seen in the series. His most well-known appearance in the series was in the future when he had a long talk with adult Shizuka over her choice to marry Nobita, and giving support for her decision.
Shizuka's Grandpa (美術評論家のおじさん?)

Honekawa family

Suneo's Mother
SeiyūKazue Takahashi (1973), Yoshino Ōtori (1979~March 1991), Mari Yokō (April 1991~March 2005), Minami Takayama (April 2005~)
She loves Suneo very much and spoils him rotten. She sports curly hair and is often seen showing off her jewellery or branded handbags.
Suneo's Father
Seiyū: Unknown (1973), Osmau Katō (1979~March 2005), Kaneta Kimotsuki (Stand-in for Katō, May 1989~January 1990), Hideyuki Tanaka (June 2005~)
He appears less frequently than Suneo's mother, distinguishable with straight hair and a mustache. He is often the one who initiates holiday tours that Suneo would invite his friends for.
Sunetsugu (スネツグ?)
SeiyūNaoki Tatsuta (1985), Yuki Kaida (2006)
Suneo's younger brother who lives in New York with his uncle (who is single and raised him like a son). He has a great respect for his older brother, but only because of Suneo's arrogant brags and lies in their correspondence.
Sunekichi (スネ吉?)
SeiyūIssei Futamata (1984~March 2005), Takumi Yamazaki (December 2005~)
Suneo's college age cousin. He is an expert in radio-controlled toys.
Suneo's grandma (スネ夫の曾祖母?)

Goda family

Jaiko (ジャイ子?)
SeiyūYoshiko Ōta (1979), Kazuyo Aoki (1980~March 2005), Vanilla Yamazaki (April 2005~)
Jaiko is Gian's younger sister, who would have been Nobita's wife in the future had Doraemon not intervened. She appears in the very first chapter of the manga, even before the introduction of Gian. Her nameJaiko is usually considered a nickname, but Fujiko never gave her a real name. An aspiring mangaka, Jaiko goes by her amateur mangaka pen name Christine Goda (クリスチーネ 剛田 Kurisuchīne Gōda?), and sometimes submits her manga to publishing companies for prizes. She mostly fails in these contest because her storytelling is still rough. After that when she decides to give up writing comic books, Gian's friends are asked/forced to cheer her up. She has a crush on Motayo Moto,a seventh grader in the school. She is sometimes referred to as Hana.
Gian's Mother
SeiyūKazuyo Aoki (1979~March 2005), Miyako Takeuchi (April 2005~)
She's the owner of a small but successful shop, as well as the only person that Giant is deathly afraid of. Her constant abuse and cruel punishment suggests that Gian may have inherited his mother or ancestor's bullish trait.
Gian's Father
SeiyūMasayuki Katō (1979~1980), Yū Shimaka (1987), Daisuke Gōri (November 1987), Yū Shimaka (1993)
Appeared in only one or two stories. Seen with a crewcut and big-sized.


Gatchako (ガチャ子?)
SeiyūJunko Hori (1973)
Toraemon (トラえもん?)
SeiyūKeiko Yamamoto (1979)
Noramyako (ノラミャー子?)
SeiyūYūko Minaguchi (1995 film), Ai Nonaka (2007)
Doraemon's former girlfriend from the 22nd Century. She later broke him up because she felt Doraemon is far too short for her.
Pawaemon (パワえもん?)
SeiyūMitsuaki Madono (2007)


Nora Neko no Kero (のらネコのクロ?)
A stray cat regularly appearing in the series. It steals fish and runs away.
Nora Inu no Kero (のらイヌのクロ?)
A stray dog which always bites Nobita.
Mii Chan (ミイちゃん?)
Seiyū: Unknown→Mari MashibaJunko AsamiKumiko WatanabeMidori NakazawaMotoko KumaiFujiko TakimotoSachi Matsumoto(1981~March 2005)
A regular female cat from Nobita's timeline, who either hangs out or goes on dates with Doraemon.
Muku (ムク?)
SeiyūTesshō Genda (1981), Kazuyo AokiKazuya Tatekabe (~March 2005), Yasuhiro Takato (May 2007)
Gian's pet dog. At first Gian didn't want him around and tried to get rid of him, but after he saved Gian from being eaten by a lion that had at first tried to eat Nobita, Gian warmed up to him. In 1 or 2 episodes he was known as Buzo. In the series, Muku is shown as a shy & unintelligent dog.

Other characters

Saburo Katakura (片倉サブロー?)
Yasuo Tanaka (田中安雄?)
Haruo Itaro (一郎はる夫?)
Takao Kitori (ズル木(木鳥高夫?)
Yoji (洋二?)
Gariben-kun (ガリベンくん?)
SeiyūMayumi Tanaka
A rival to Hidetoshi Dekisugi. He appears to be a soft-spoken and decent boy, however deep down inside he resents Deskisugi of being better at anything than him. In one chapter, he makes cruel prank calls to his rival, telling Dekisugi to go to hell every night. This problem caused Hidetoshi's grades to drop, and Doraemon decided to use a specific gadget to teach Gariben a lesson. Gariben begged Hidetoshi not to tell the teacher or the rest of the class about it, and the latter forgave him, on the condition that he promise not to do it again.
Tame-kun (多目くん?)
The old book seller (本屋のおじさん?)
An owner of bookstore, who often expels anyone who stand and read comics, magazines, or novels in his bookstore for free (usually Nobita).
Funyako Funyao (フニャコフニャ夫?)
A parody of Fujiko Fujio. He was often being lectured or complained by other people saying that his comic book idea was overdue. Nobita occasionally helps him to finish his works.
Company president (会社社長?)
Tsubasa Ito (伊藤翼?)
SeiyūMayumi Shō (1985~1986), Sanae Hukayuki (1992), Haruna Ikezawa (2003), Masayo Kurata (2006)
Moteo Mote (茂手もて夫?)
Jaiko's boyfriend. Always wears eyeglasses, he is impressed by Jaiko's manga works.
Kibou (キー坊?)
Toriyama Arara (鳥山あらら?)
Kaminari (神成?)
SeiyūBanjō Ginga (1981), Shingo Kanemoto (1985~1990), Takeshi Watabe (1991~March 2005), Katsuhisa Hōki (July 2005~)
An old man who lives next to the vacant lot where Nobita and the gang play baseball. They sometimes "accidentally" throw baseballs, rocks, or even one of Doraemon's gadgets through his window, breaking it and sometimes knocking over his prized bonsai. The children refer to him as Kaminari-oyaji (雷おやじ, Old Man Thunder?), because he shouts so loud that they scatter. Kaminari is his family name. Gian always orders Nobita to apologize to him & take the baseball back if they broke his windows.
Ramen Grandpa (ラーメンおじさん(小池さん?)
Sumire Hosino (星野スミレ?)
She is a professional singer and has a necklace with a photo of her friend. This friend had gone away from Japan, but she is certain that he'll return. Nobita saved her once from a paparazzo. She is one of thePaaman in the Perman anime.
18 Emon (18エモン?)
19 Emon (19エモン?)
21-emon's grandfather, who was an owner of a nearly dilapidated hotel, Tsuzureya (つづれやホテル).


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